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Dreamwork: How to Interpret Your Dreams and Transform Your Life

Dreamwork is an exciting publication about how to find the meaning in your dreams and then take those messages and transform yourself into the person you were always meant to become.   

This is the first of 4 modules that will take you through the fundamentals of looking at the world in a more metaphoric manner and then using the metaphors to change everything.  It is a unique approach to dreams that you are not liking to find anywhere else.    

Richard Hastings is an expert dream interpreter and has dealt with people's dreams from every continent on the planet including over 100 countries. 

Take a read of the first part of Chapter 1 (see below) and then start working on your new life. Your life will be forever enriched.

Chapter 1 - Snakes: How to Approach Your Own Worst Fears

Dream: Several larger than life snakes with vicious teeth and fangs are rearing up their heads and are bearing down on me ready to strike.

As I am lying there in my bed in the middle of the worst dream I have ever had, the terror is gripping my body so fully that I am both ready to flee and feeling frozen at the same time. It seems as if there is no escape. Then to my great satisfaction I awaken realizing that it is just a dream. The fear clings to my insides only partially subsiding. It does not wish to exit early or easily. It seems to want the memory of this experience stored solidly in me.

The advantage of a “good” nightmare over milder dreams is that the feelings are so intense that they stick with you. Can you feel the terror of larger than life snakes bearing down on you? Imagine a poisonous snake in your living room right now or in a swimming pool while you are swimming. It evokes a strong fear reaction because it can kill you. Most people who have nightmares have one goal in mind especially when a bad dream recurs. They just want the bad dreams and the resultant feelings to disappear. When a parent tries to comfort a child in the middle of the night after a witch has tried to eat her alive, everyone works together so that the dream goes away and calmer, more normal feelings return. While it is helpful to have the really negative feelings go into a dormant state for the time being after a nightmare, the negative emotions are there for a good reason. They will return. The witch is going to reappear as is the poisonous snake in one form or another. They return because negative emotions are good things, not bad.

Dealing with fear, like any other negative emotion, is not about getting rid of the fear. Fear is a positive thing because it lets you know something is not right in your life. It lets you know that you need some work, you need to change. If you kill the snake or kill the witch, another one more vicious than the first will soon come calling. Fear only ever has one remedy. Change. Grow. Transform.

Let me repeat it again! The goal when you have the fear is not to get rid of the fear. Fear is the negative energy that is going to lead you to developing something new inside. When you can wrap your head around the idea that fear is your friend, not the enemy, then you will be well on your way to using dreamwork to transform your life in very powerful ways. Trying to get rid of the fear is only ever a temporary measures because the purpose of the fear is to assist you in developing your higher, better self.

One more time! Fear is your friend!! The challenge with dealing with fear is developing the tools to transform it into positive energy. Dreamwork will give you some tools as will other programs. The more tools you have the better. Learn to love your fear so that you can anticipate and get excited about the big transformation that is going to happen.

The snakes are upon me, larger than life. I am terrified. What do I do? The first thing I absolutely know for sure about every dream is that it is trying to take me somewhere positive even when it is the worst of the worst like this dream. Knowing that I am going to end up in a positive place if I do the dream work immediately releases me from the dreadful associated fear state. When I am certain, which I am, that I am going to end up in a positive state by doing the work, the fear immediately no longer enchains me so tightly. It temporarily releases its forceful grip because the future state allows some positive feelings to begin creeping in which allows for a more detached state of being. I am still fearful, still have the chains, but not to the point of devastation. I have enough mindfulness to do the transformation work. That is what I need the most.

When I wake up from this nightmare, going from dreaming to being awake in the real world, I realize that I was in another world. While it is related to this world, being awake in this world helps me to be able to process what I experienced in the other world, the dream world. How do I process?

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Dreamwork: How to Interpret Your Dreams and Transform Your Life

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